Mazen Abboud is an environmental consultant & a writer.
He was born in Douma in the early seventies;
He graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1996 as an Agricultural Engineer; then he got an EMBA from ESA in 2008; currently he is pursuing his PHD at Twentee University(Holland) in Environmental Policies(Structural Economics).
1997-1998: He worked as a technical assistant on a FAO Census Project
1999-2002: National Consultant on IBRD Irrigation Project.
November 2000: he established a Consultancy Engineering Firm, ENTEGRO.SARL.
March 2001: he established the Federation of Associations of the North of Lebanon, the Union of Northern Associations for Development, Environment & Patrimony.
February 2005: was nominated a full Member of the Directing Committee of the Lebanese Tobacco Board. 

Lately he wrote 3 Books: 
  1. Douma, the Story of a Town from the Levant; Seeds of Change(Strategy);
  2. The Memoirs of the Town Boy( Short Stories in ARABIC) 
  3. 4 Env reports. 
Mazen is currently a member of the International Press Institute (IPI). 

Mobile: 009613283642 
E Mail: abboudmaz@gmail.com